Back in the Saddle With Hats Off

Hola amigos – Been a while since I rapped at ya, but life’s been quite busy. Besides the toils of the day job (which includes visiting such horrid locales as San Diego), I was on tour with The Jaguar Club. Yeah, yeah – I’m a guitarist, I get around. The JC had several dates in England – including the very fun Rockaway Beach Festival in Bognor Regis – followed by a US stint with Idlewild from Scotland. We played a lot of amazing shows to big crowds, and we’re eagerly working on new material currently. Here’s a sample of our live sound.

But what about Libel, Gavin? That’s what everyone’s here to talk about!

Yes, we took our own sweet time putting together a full-length follow-up to “Music for Car Commercials,” but it really is THIS CLOSE to done – we’re evaluating the masters right now, but I wanted to share a solid track: Hats Off, my ode to how the Internet and social media have facilitated our transformation into a global pack of trolls. 140 characters of self-righteous banter brought no one to their knees.

Oh yeah, the new album – “Comfort in the Noise” – blends dual guitar pyrotechnics, a skin-tight rhythm section and many of my favorite lyrical themes: gentrification (“Migration Patterns”), the arbitrary nature of fame (“Not Invited”), media as a drug (“Dead Air”), arrogance of youth (“Arrogance of Youth”) and even austerity-based economic policies (no, I’m not kidding – “Bygones”). We’re shooting for an early 2016 release, though would be open to any record label interest. Expect another beautiful album cover and music video from talented illustrator and animator Michela Buttignol (no pressure, honey-bun!).

We’re also returning to the stage: Friday, Dec 4 at Matchless in North Brooklyn (Williamsburg). Facebook invite here. We hope to see you there, singing along to “Hats Off” (ahem, the lyrics are on Soundcloud…).


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