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There’s Nothing Confusing About Love

The Sound of Confusion has given Libel a little love for “This Is Love” today – “Brooklyn group Libel are releasing ‘This Is Love’ as the first single from their new album ‘Music For Car Commercials’. We’re not sure this punky rock tune will be suitable for that purpose, but it ticks the right boxes for us, cramming in plenty of fuzz and distortion whilst making ample room for some melody too. A classic formula, but one that works great in capable hands.”

Indie Is Dead, Slain by Pop!

Steve Hyden is a go-to music writer for me, and this Grantland piece analyzing Haim (not related to Corey… unfortunately) nails the current dilemma. As a bunch of my snobby music friends agree, groups like Haim and CHVRCHES are basically bubblegum pop (I’ve seen more than one snarky Shania Twain comparison for the former). As far as pop goes, both seem to be pretty good, but it’s marketed and criticized as… indie, which is still supposed to mean “alternative to mainstream.” So the alternative to mainstream (which I fully admit is disturbing) is… Bubblegum pop? OK, once again we’re looking for the alternative to the alternative – it really is like 1998 all over again!

This is a chief reason we’re forgoing the indie tag… It means less than it ever has before…