Libel’s Latest: Comfort in the Noise (2016)


So, you may or may not believe this, but we don’t really want you to “purchase” our music. If you come to a Libel show, I’ll happily give you a sticker with the website address, where you can take your choice of how to download or stream. All the links below on Bandcamp are “pay what you can,” which you should read as “FREE!” And honestly, you don’t need to download them either – why take up your precious hard drive space? As I’ve opined before, the future of music is cloud-based streaming services such as Spotify (I’m not just a promoter – I’m a user as well). Really, you’d be doing us a favor by saving/favoriting us on Spotify and streaming the shit out of our album.

But Gavin, you protest, how do you hope to make money off of this fledgling enterprise? Spotify payments to artists are pitiful!

Honestly, I’m not all that concerned at this moment about the fiscal side – at our level, exposure is far more valuable. Also, the album title “Music for Car Commercials” is a comment (and a lament) that currently the best way for musicians creating original music to get paid for their art is through licensing. I’m not holding my breath on that for Libel, and I’d rather spread our music than cash in. Finally, as the music industry (and media overall) changes to a streaming/cloud-based system, the money will come to artists. We’re in a very awkward transition stage right now, and I’m gritting my teeth through it.

So stream your Libel away, or download if you’re an old-fashioned type. –– gavin

Libel released its debut LP, “Music for Car Commercials,” in August 2013.

Lyrics for Music for Car Commercials (PDF)

“Lost Along the Way” – 2011

“No Regrets For Our Youth” – 2010

“The Prolonged Insult” – 2009

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