“Taking from the likes of Jawbox and Sunny Day Real Estate with a British twinge, the juiced-up post-grunge Brooklyn power-trio Libel brings to the table a sound that could be described like a summary of what happened in the 90s, with an added glam attitude. Singer Gavin Dunaway’s solid tenor, with its Bowiesque tinges, can croon and scream at will, and would be an asset for any band. Speaking about Bowie… as you may know, he’s a huge fan of The Pixies, so much so that he had them open for him and even used to play some of their songs live. Libel’s single and standout track “This Is Love” from their latest, well-produced LP “Music For Car Commercials,” sounds exactly like the fruit of an imaginary collaboration between the Bostonian band and the Thin White Duke.” The Deli (Honorable Mention for Best of 2013 – Indie Rock)

Libel is the kind of band you picture up on a big stage, all dressed in black leather, everybody except the drummer with his foot up on a monitor, half-obscured in mist from the smoke machine. They’re from Brooklyn, but their sound is 100% British. Their sardonically titled album Music for Car Commercials is stagy and dramatic, a mix of wickedly catchy vintage glamrock tunes whose influences run from Bowie, to Spacehog, to more swirling and psychedelic, with an unexpectedly impressive socially conscious edge. Unless somebody in the band owns a studio, this must have cost a fortune to produce: layers and layers of big, raging, echoing guitars; Nick Brzoza’s boomy big-room drums; Brian LaRue’s dynamic, melodic bass, and frontman/guitarist Gavin Dunaway’s Bowie vocal theatrics, which are often a dead ringer for the real thing.” New York Music Daily

“’This Is Love’ has a chorus absolutely ripe for repetition across multiple media, its hook big and bold enough to land a shark off Montauk, if you believed John Lurie and Jim Jarmusch (check out that reference!)… Its quiet verse/loud chorus dynamics perfectly encapsulate the adrenaline regulation while listening, and I’m pretty sure my hands were in the air when the choruses kicked in, which made typing this review super difficult. So I’m calling this song at least a great success – if I don’t hear it on television within a week, I’m calling for a psychological review of America as a whole.” Critical Masses

“I feel that if Mudhoney were about 10 years younger, and Seattle was still the snide, mostly-ignored cesspit of awesome that it was in the 90′s, then they’d sound a lot like Libel. There’s a bitterness there, and I can dig it. There’s a little McLusky-goes-pop vibe to it as well.” SoundlySounds

“[‘This Is Love’] ticks the right boxes for us, cramming in plenty of fuzz and distortion whilst making ample room for some melody too. A classic formula, but one that works great in capable hands.” The Sound of Confusion

“Blending grunge era riffs with a 70s progressive vibe, Libel creates a rock sound reminiscent of Nirvana but with the added flair of David Bowie and the modern influences of their contemparies á la The Raconteurs, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Them Crooked Vultures.” Vents Magazine

[Music For Car Commercials] retains most characteristics of [Libel’s] earlier works, but isn’t afraid to wander off in new directions. Dunaway’s Bowie-inspired howls coast over the super tight rhythm section…” Hearts Bleed Radio

“Great things are happening in Brooklyn these days and one of them is a power-trio named Libel. These guys have a glam/post-punk vibe that mixes well with late 70s or early grunge eras. It takes a few plays to grow on you but you’ll soon find yourself whistling right along… yes I said that.” – Terraform Radio

“[This Is Love] is powerful in its swirling guitars and coarse vocals.” – Hopeless Thunder

“Love the cheeky album title from this Brooklyn band.” – Alan Cross

“Libel is part of a much needed revival of technically proficient rock bands whose influences come from a time when bands like Jawbox, Sunny Day Real Estate and Shudder to Think were kings, or damn well should have been.” –

“Following the lead of idols past such as Smashing Pumpkins, Sunny Day Real Estate, and Hum, Brooklyn trio Libel recently released an EP loaded with guitars that lure the listener in and then cut deep. No Regrets of Our Youth is the band’s second EP and shows great growth in both their dynamics as a band as well as frontman Gavin Dunaway’s songwriting.” –

“Local trio Libel have roots in our nation’s capital, and their lean, muscular sound roars with the influence of the bands that defined DC in the nineties…. I’m surprised by how seldom I come across a band carrying this torch, so I was glad to discover Libel’s 2010 album No Regrets for Our Youth. Their shows are hard-hitting workouts; like their DC forefathers, they know how to balance tightness and chaos.” – Beacon Pass

“Libel is good, old-fashioned glam rock with a twist of the future.” – Whatever Blog

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