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Coachella Blues

I’m both amused and depressed by all the headlines I see around Coachella: “Cutest Couples at Coachella”; “Hottest Bros at Coachella”; “Best Dressed Girls at Coachella.” Even before the event, pretty much all the text was dedicated to the “Coachella Crowd” – young bourgeoisie out in the dessert for Spring Break hi-jinks fueled by drinking and drugs. Basically, the same as any Florida beach last month, expect with more diverse background music.

Because that’s really all the music was – the soundtrack for a bunch of kids rolling full hedonism. In the years past, I dreamed of being able to afford a ticket out to Coachella to see Radiohead, Portishead and a ton of other awesome groups on the same bill. There were plenty of favorites of mine out this year, including The Afghan Whigs and Queens of the Stone Age. I can also afford the flight and the concert ticket now. I didn’t want to deal with that crowd.

It ain’t about the music anymore – it’s all about the people. Yup, this is the social age.